Various Artists – Spain in My Heart: Songs of the Spanish Civil War

Spain in My HeartThe Spanish Civil War drew some three thousand volunteers from the international leftist community to join the democratically elected Spanish government in its fight against the fascist troops of Francisco Franco, a struggle that proved ultimately unsuccessful and set the stage for World War II. Many of the songs composed and sung on those Spanish frontlines became popular during the early years of the folk revival nearly 30 years later and are presented in this collection in newly recorded versions, along with original material inspired by the short-lived Spanish Republic. The venerable Pete Seeger opens the album with a spoken piece and lends his banjo skills to Arlo Guthrie’s take on “Jarama Valley” (which is set to the tune of the American chestnut “Red River Valley”). Aiofe Clancy, daughter of the late Bobby Clancy of the Clancy Brothers, sings “The Bantry Girls’ Lament,” a song she remembers her father singing, and joins Shay Black on Christy Moore’s “Viva la Quinte Brigada.” The Fifteenth Brigade is also remembered in a second — but different — song with the same title, performed by the group Quetzal. John McCutcheon’s original “The Abraham Lincoln Brigade” and a version of “Peat Bog Soldiers” by Laurie Lewis are highlights. As with all Appleseed recordings, the liner notes are extensive.

Release Date: September 23, 2003
Label: Appleseed Records

Track Listing:

  1. Jarama Valley – Arlo Guthrie & Pete Seeger
  2. En La Plaza De Mi Pueblo – Michele Greene
  3. The Abraham Lincoln Brigade – John McCutcheon
  4. Asturias – Guardabarranco
  5. El Quinto Regimiento – Lila Downs
  6. The Bantry Girls’ Lament – Aoife Clancy
  7. Garcia E Galan – Uxia
  8. Los Cuatro Generales – Joel Rafael & Jamaica Rafael
  9. Llego Con Tres Heridas – Eliseo Parra
  10. Noche Nochera – Guardabarranco
  11. Viva La Quinte Brigada – Shay Black & Aoife Clancy
  12. Si Me Quieres Escribir – Quetzal
  13. Tu Que Brillas – Michele Greene
  14. Los Marineros – Uxia
  15. Peat Bog Soldiers – Laurie Lewis
  16. Viva La Quince Brigada – Quetzal
  17. Taste Of Ashes – Laurie Lewis