OST – Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993)

Original Release Date: December 10, 1993
Label: Hollywood Records

Album Credit: Valeria Andrews Choir/Chorus, Composer, Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals, Vocals (Background); Nick Ashford Composer; B-Wyze Composer; Ludwig van Beethoven Composer; Tanya Blount Choir/Chorus, Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals; Dionna Brooks-Jackson Choir/Chorus;Deidra Brown Composer;Pat Crawford Brown Choir/Chorus;Sharon Brown Ensemble, Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals;Yamma Brown Composer;Susan Browning Choir/Chorus;Daniel A. Carlin Executive Producer, Producer, Supervisor Cast Primary Artist, Vocals;Chapman College Choir Choir/Chorus, Performer, Primary Artist;Robert Clivillés Composer, Drums, Percussion;Kevin Cloud Composer, Multi Instruments, Vocals (Background);David Cole Composer, Keyboards, Vocals (Background);Robert Cole Drums, Percussion;Deborah Cooper Vocals (Background);Tom Coyne Mastering;Georgia Creighton Choir/Chorus;Ricky Crespo Programming;Anthony Criss Composer;Charlotte Crossley Ensemble, Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals;Maria DeGrassi-Colosimo Design;Edith Diaz Choir/Chorus;Ellen Albertini Dow Choir/Chorus;Darrol Durant Arranger, Composer, Producer, Vocal Arrangement, Vocals;Lisa Fischer Vocals (Background);Beth Fowler Choir/Chorus;Howard Frank Choir/Chorus;Aretha Franklin Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals;Charles H. Gabriel Composer;Whoopi Goldberg Composer, Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals;Martha González Choir/Chorus, Vocals (Background);Berry Gordy, Jr. Composer;Noel Goring Keyboards;Bonnie Greenberg Executive Producer;Dave Greenberg Mixing;Al Greenwood Mixing;Suzanne Hanover Photography;Rob Harding Vocals;Tom Hardisty Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant;Brandon Harris Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant;James Harris Composer;Edwin Hawkins Composer;Jennifer Love Hewitt Choir/Chorus;Jerry Hey Arranger, Horn Arrangements;Hi-Five Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals;Lauryn Hill Choir/Chorus, Performer, Primary Artist;Lawrence Hill Vocals;Prudence Wright;Holmes Choir/Chorus;Ivory Joe Hunter Composer;Sheri Izzard Choir/Chorus;Sidney James Arranger;Joe Arranger, Drum Programming, Guitar, Keyboards, Producer, Vocal Arrangement, Vocals (Background);Susan;Johnson Choir/Chorus;Devin Kamin Choir/Chorus, Vocals;David Kater Choir/Chorus, Vocals (Background);Ruth Kobart Choir/Chorus;Darlene Koldenhoven Choir/Chorus;Jennifer Lewis Ensemble, Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals;Terry Lewis Composer;Bob Lifton Vocals;Gene Lo Engineer;Joseph Magee Engineer, Mixing;Wendy Makkena Performer, Primary Artist;Dee Dee Mango Choir/Chorus;Alex Martin Choir/Chorus, Vocals (Background);Civilla D. Martin Composer;Paulette McWilliams Vocals (Background);Bruce Miller Engineer;Keith Miller Arranger, Bass, Drum Programming, Keyboards, Producer;Alphonso Mizell Composer;Cindy Mizelle Vocals (Background);Joel Moss Associate Producer, Engineer, Mixing;Kathy Najimy Performer, Primary Artist;Mark Nathan Engineer, Mixing, Programming;Patty Nichols Coordination;Nuttin’ Nyce Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals;Rose Parenti Choir/Chorus;Freddie Perren Composer;The Perry Sisters Vocals;Sharon Rice Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant;Deke Richards Composer;Andrea Robinson Vocals;The Ronelles Vocals;Bob Rosa Engineer, Mixing;St. Francis Choir Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals;Eddy Schreyer Mastering;Marc Shaiman Arranger, Executive Producer, Producer, String Arrangements, Supervisor;Tony Shepperd Engineer, Mixing;The Other Guy Simpson Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant;Valerie Simpson Composer;Ron Skies Composer, Multi Instruments, Vocals (Background);William “Mickey” Stevenson Composer;Barrett Strong Composer.Ashley Thompson Choir/Chorus;Ryan Toby Choir/Chorus, Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals, Vocals (Background);Chris Trevett Engineer, Mixing;Carmen Twilley Vocals (Background);Alanna Ubach Choir/Chorus;Nick Vidar Programming;Jimmy Vivino Arranger, Associate Producer, String Arrangements;Fred Voger Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant;Mervyn Warren Arranger, Engineer, Executive Producer, Keyboards, Mixing, Producer, Programming, String Arrangements;Julia Waters Vocals (Background);Eric Foster White Composer;Norman Whitfield Composer;Mary Wickes Performer, Primary Artist;Maxine Willard Waters Vocals (Background);Danny Woods Engineer;Kerwin Young Composer;Carmen Zapata Choir/Chorus.

Track Listings

  1. The Greatest Medley Ever Told – Whoopi And The Ronelles
  2. Never Should’ve Let You Go – Hi-Five
  3. Get Up Offa That Thing/Dancing In The Street – Whoopi And The Sisters
  4. Oh Happy Day – The St. Francis Choir Featuring Ryan Toby
  5. Ball Of Confusion (That’s What The World Is Today) – Whoopi And The Sisters
  6. His Eye Is On The Sparrow – Lauryn Hill
  7. A Deeper Love – Aretha Franklin
  8. Wandering Eyes – Nuttin’ Nyce
  9. Pay Attention – Ryan Toby
  10. Ode To Joy – The Chapman College Choir
  11. Joyful, Joyful – The St. Francis Choir
  12. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Whoopi And The Cast