Los Lobos – Good Morning Aztlán

Good Morning Aztlan - Los LobosAfter 25 years together as a band, you’d expect Los Lobos to be spent creatively. Not so, though this East L.A. institution has settled into a perhaps too-comfortable groove with its past couple of albums. No longer the studio experimentalists of Kiko (still the group’s best album), nor the Mexican roots-music purists of La Pistola y El Corazon, the band now offers a reliable mix of styles on each album–a smooth concoction that is equal parts roots-rock, blues, R&B, and Latin dance music. Although paired with new producer John Leckie (Radiohead, XTC), the band doesn’t venture into much new sonic territory with Good Morning Aztlán. The most distinctive tracks are the three Latin-spiked numbers–in particular “Malaqúe,” which merges vera cruzano harp with what sounds like Brazilian carnival rhythms–and a pair of gorgeous, ’70s-inflected soul songs, “Hearts of Stone” and “The Word.” Overall, Good Morning Aztlán is a good album but not a great one, at least by the band’s lofty standards. –Keith Moerer

Release Date: 2002
Fontana Mammoth


Track Listing:

  1. Done Gone Blue
  2. Hearts of Stone
  3. Luz De Mi Vida
  4. Good Morning Aztlan
  5. The Big Ranch
  6. The Word
  7. Malaque
  8. Tony & Maria
  9. Get To This
  10. Maria Christina
  11. What In The World
  12. Round & Round