Songwriting, Producing & Vocal Arranging

Son de Madera

Son de Madera – Las Orchestas del Día (2006)

At the forefront of the movement to revive the rousing son jarocho music of Veracruz, Mexico, Son De Madera embraces a dynamic convergence of authentic Mexican rhythms and contemporary folk melodies. Their 2006 Moondo Records release, Las Orquestas Del Día(“the orchestras of the day”), liberates a history rich with tradition and welcomes a new generation of cross-border cultures with a fresh, earthy sound. Recorded in Mexico City and produced by members of the Latin-rock group Quetzal, East L.A.’s Afro-jarocho fusion band, this work is authentic and full of surprises. Standards such as “La Bamba” and “El Cascabel” are barely recognizable […]


OST – Sueño (2005)

Film description: Sueño (English: Dream) is a 2005 comedy-drama film directed by Renée Chabria that stars John Leguizamo, Ana Claudia Talancón, and Elizabeth Peña. Original Release Date: November 15, 2005 Label: Lakeshore Records Track List: Adios Amor – John Leguizamo and Joselo Rangel Aqui Es La Vida – Kinky Junto A Mi – Laura D’ita and Joselo Rangel Lunes – Sofa Whatever – Zoe Escucha – Cartel De Santa Neutron – T-Funkattaque Y Sones Del Mexside Blanket Of Fear – Papa Roach Hungry Like The Wolf – Jumbo Perdido – Volovan Viensate – Quetzal Besame Mucho – Laura D’ita and […]

Willy DeVille

Willy DeVille – Crow Jane Alley (2004)

Crow Jane Alley is an album by Willy DeVille. It was recorded in 2004 in Los Angeles. For this album, DeVille was joined by members of the Chicano rock band Quetzal, David Hidalgo of Los Lobos, and Peruvian Afro-Cuban jazz drummer Alex Acuña, among other prominent musicians. Crow Jane Alley was produced by John Philip Shenale, the third album Shenale produced for DeVille. Release Date:  September 21, 2004 Label: Eagle Records Credits: Alex Acuña Cajon, Cajon Drums, Castanets, Cowbell, Guiro, Main Personnel, Maracas, Shaker, Stick, Tambourine, Timbales; Diego “La Empanada” Arellano Guitarron, Main Personnel; Martin “Baby Face” Arellano Biguela, Guitar […]

Los Lobos - The Ride

Los Lobos – The Ride (2004)

After hitting a creative peak in the early ’90s, Los Lobos settled into a decade-long groove that was perhaps a little too comfortable. The band’s twelfth studio CD, The Ride, tries to shake things up a bit, and mostly succeeds by pairing the group with a string of collaborators similar to Carlos Santana’s Supernatural. Only instead of the young hit-makers that propelled Santana’s comeback, The Ride matches Los Lobos with early influences (Bobby Womack, Little Willie G) and long-time friends (Dave Alvin, Elvis Costello). The experimentalism that fueled 1992’s Kiko can be found here on a couple of tracks–most notably […]


Slowrider – Historias en Revision (2003)

Historias in Revision is a remix and an entirely new effort extending from the previous gem, “Nacimiento.” With special guests including deep LA underground hip hoppers Acid Reign and many others, Slowrider ventures into uncharted territories taking the listener on a socially conscious roller coaster ride. This album truly demonstrates what Slowrider is about, integrating social justice and great music. Release Date: 2003 Label: Nomadic Sound Track Listing: Once We Travel Through, Dark and Narrow Paths Sándovál y Teixeirá Fused Together Lá Vidá y lá Cáusá Primeros Pósos Misconceptions Time Lessons Learned from Ghost

Quetzal - Worksongs

Quetzal – Worksongs (2003)

If Martha Gonzales — one of Quetzal’s lead vocalists — decided to become a full-time soul or urban contemporary singer, she would probably have a bright future in the R&B field. Gonzales has a very soul-influenced vocal style, and she’s quite expressive. But then, someone as eclectic as Gonzales would probably be selling herself short if she embraced one style of music exclusively — and Quetzal is certainly a great place to be if you have a wide variety of influences. On Worksongs, the adventurous, risk-taking Mexican-American band continues to draw inspiration from many different styles. Rock, soul, and jazz […]