The Price of Women’s Immigration

“The impact of immigration on the lives of women and children is rarely discussed,” said Radcliffe Dean Lizabeth Cohen as she opened the “Crossing Borders: Immigration and Gender in the Americas” conference last Thursday.

Day one of the conference began with a concert by Quetzal, a Grammy Award-winning rock band from East Los Angeles whose music takes up the social and political stories of struggling people; singer Martha Gonzalez participated in the opening night panel discussion. The conference tackled transnational identity, reproductive law, and the influence and impact of American society on immigrant children.

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Quetzal Wins 2013 Grammy for “Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Abum” for Imaginaries

Quetzal, the L.A. band that weaves together funk, rock and regional Mexican folk-music varietals such as son jarocho, has won the Grammy for Latin rock, urban or alternative album.

Quetzal won for its release “Imaginaries” (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings), a characteristically ambitious foray into cumbia, neo-’80s-style R&B, Cuban charanga and Brazilian pandeiro, charged with the band’s collectivist political passion. It is the band’s first Grammy.

Quetzal was one of a number of L.A. bands to emerge from the cultural trial-by-fire of L.A.’s 1992 riots, along with such other Chicano fusionists as Ozomatli, Lysa Flores and Aztlan Underground.

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Seattle Fandango Project

The Seattle Fandango Project is dedicated to community building through participatory music and dance. SFP takes as its original model the fandango celebration of Veracruz, Mexico, in which music, singing, and dancing are used to generate a spirit of convivencia — living/being together — that helps build communication and trust.

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“Imaginaries” by Quetzal from the Smithsonian Folkways album “Imaginaries”

Inspired by traditional son jarocho music of Veracruz, Mexico, and spiked with urban rhythms, rock and R&B, East LA Chicano group Quetzal will release ‘Imaginaries’, its 5th album and 1st for Smithsonian Folkways, on Feb. 28, 2012. Quetzal, called “provocative, heartfelt and strikingly original” by the LA Times and founded by guitarist Quetzal Flores, rose from the ashes of uprisings in LA in 1992 as a vehicle for social commentary and activism. More information about the album release can be found here: “When we become critical of the discourses that teach an outlook of community assessment through a lens […]

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Director / Editor: Dan Kwong Executive Producer: Nobuko Miyamoto Producer: Great Leap, Inc. CYCLES OF CHANGE features a hot new song by Nobuko and stellar L.A. rock band QUETZAL, encouraging you to hop on a bicycle for a change and leave the car at home. This funny video with a serious message stars Nobuko as our heroine on two wheels and Martha Gonzalez (Quetzal lead singer) as the busy urban professional mom who learns the virtues and joys of bike riding. CYCLES is the third music video in Great Leap’s Eco-Vid series. Copyright September 2012.

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Planta de Los Pies

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TEDxSeattle – Martha Gonzalez

Fandango Without Borders – Martha Gonzalez will speak about another technology for building cross cultural community through her with with the Fandango Without Borders. The Seattle Fandango Project is dedicated to building relationships through participatory music. Its supporters include the American Music Partnership of Seattle (AMPSa collaboration between EMP, KEXP, and the University of Washington), the UW School of Music, UW Department of Women Studies, UW School of Social Work, UW Dance Program, UW Diversity Research Institute, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, El Centro de La Raza, Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, and The Vera Project. About TEDx, x = […]

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