The Seattle Fandango Project (SFP). Co-Founder, Organized and facilitated song, music and dance workshops in the son Jarocho Fandanguero for community of all ages and backgrounds in collaboration with Seattle Community, The Experience Music Project, KEXP and the Simpson Center. SFP is dedicated to building relationships and social activism through participatory music. Seattle, WA. &

Women Who Rock Collective (WWR). Co-founder and organizer for the graduate collective dedicated to feminist writing on gender and music. It also connects scholars, practicioners, students, and educators in inquiries that interrogate gender, race, and sexuality in music scenes, cultures, and industries. University of Washington, Seattle.


Organizer, Co-founder for “Alma en La Tarima” series (“Leaving One’s Soul on the Tarima”). As an emissary of the Women Studies department this was a three part series consisting of panel discussions in Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarter. University of Washington, Seattle.


The Women of Color Collective (WOCC). Co-founder and part of core planning committee for the graduate collective that promotes and supports diversity at the University of Washington through grassroots organizing and coalition building. University of Washington, Seattle.


Fandango Sin Fronteras. Co-Founder, and organizer. Fandango sin Fronteras is an informal translocal network of students, and instructors in the son jarocho as it is practiced in fandango. A participatory, trangenerational music, poetry and dance practice from Veracruz, Mexico, fandango is used as tool to build community